Family workshops

Nature Play Mum

Nature Play Mum is a 3-hour workshop for mums (or dads/ interested adults/ carers/ grandparents) who want to learn some skills to get their kids outdoors. We play outdoor games, go scavenging for natural features and engage in nature crafts. The aim is that mums will leave with a “toolkit of activities” for them to take their own kids to the park or into the bush.

If you are interested in attending a session please contact us for upcoming dates. We can also arrange a time to meet your mothers or parents group so get in touch if you want to book us in just for you.



Nature play mum … what an amazing experience. Rediscovered my inner child and learnt so much about how to get my daughter excited about bushwalking and discovering what our environment has to offer. Now instead of her whinging 5 mins into our walks, she’s not complaining until we get back to the car (roughly 2hrs). Thanks Amanda and Penny xo

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