Bush Kinder mentoring: Preschools


The package includes:

  • Pre-planning advice and examples of Risk Management and Assessment.
  • Site development: chosing a local site and establishing logistics.
  • Equipment kit list for everything your group will need.
  • 6 weeks of weekly visits with our 2 mentors facilitating the sessions alongside your own staff
  • evaluation and further staff training as required.

Please contact us if you would like further info and a tailored package to suit your Early Years setting.

The Bush Kinder Mentoring Program can be supported with our NESA Registered Professional Development. Outdoor learning PD can be tailored to your early childhood requirements. We are registered to deliver outdoor learning across both Primary and Early Childhood settings. Please refer to the “Teacher Training” section for more information and examples of courses.

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The positive atmosphere that Penny and Amanda supplied was wonderful. They supported both the children and staff especially those with challenging needs who they were able to keep engaged. 

I was excited to see the children extend their learning back at preschool after a bush session. Mural painting, clay and nature, bush collage and drawing skills all through natural media. 

I believe I have always been fairly open to children taking risks but this program allowed me to really test this and I was impressed with the children’s abilities. Amanda and Penny were fabulous role models for how to extend the children’s learning. 

Throughout the outdoor program I enjoyed allowing the children to connect with nature and be themselves, returning to the same site allowed the children to further challenge themselves week by week and the enthusiasm and parent support for the program. 

Lyrebird Preschool Nowra staff members. 

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