10+ girls Adventure

10+girlsadventureDayLast holidays we promoted a day for the Teen girls – this didn’t run in the end (not to worry we will try it again over the summer if there is interest!) but we did get some enquiries for the 10+ girls. This age group is often described as the ‘tweens’ but for some reason that term sets my teeth on edge. Yes, they are now into that maelstrom of transition, their emotional lives are becoming more complicated, bodies growing and changing rapidly. I can’t think of a better term but maybe they don’t need a label that sets them apart? We love working with this age group, remembering the girls that we were too and how to encourage them towards their best.

So at the end of the Term we are planning a great day out to celebrate, for some, the end of Primary. Or perhaps the end of the first year of High school, or maybe moving up to year 5 or 6… depending on age and stage. The day will be for girls between 10 to 13 years. They will need the longer legs to make the distance that we plan to cover on the coast track – no piggy backs for this group!
Over the course of the day we will:

  • Learn some good stretches to prepare our muscles for walking and some mindfulness for unwinding.
  • Make a Nature journal, do some sketching and explore other ways to make nature art, which is a lovely way to record future outdoor adventures.
  • Go for approx. 10km walk.
  • Swim in a secret rockpool (if the conditions are right).
  • Make new friends.

Celebrate being awesome girls with the skills & ability within to enjoy our beautiful coastal environment!

Please register your interest and we will open booking when we have minimum numbers. Cost: $75.00/ day (10am – 3pm, nature journal & art materials included)


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