Fridays are Art Walk day – for the grown-ups!

Penny is Outdoor Connections resident artist. My practice covers many disciplines but one I love and encourage when we are working with the kids on Outdoor Connections holiday sessions is the practice of making ephemeral art. I started this practice in 2016 when my son Felix was still in pre-school and time in the studio making paintings was even harder to come by. But we spent a lot of time outside together and so I started channelling my creativity towards what I could create from what I found. Site-specific installations inspired by and connected to nature.

I love sharing this practice so I invite you to join me for:
Art Walks, on Fridays in Term 4 – starting on Friday 19th October.

A creative session for adults entirely in the great outdoors.

Starting Friday 19th October, 10am to 12:30pm. $40 per session, or pre-book for 4 sessions for $140.00

Each week will be at a new location on the lovely Gerringong, Kiama, Gerroa coastline. The aim is to go for a ramble and over the course of 2.5 hours to find somewhere inspiring to work and something(s) to be creative with. This is not a formal art class. But you will be creatively challenged! This practice is meditative and mindful. Expect a deep connection to yourself and your surroundings! You will be welcome to work on your own or collectively. The only rule is that the piece must be left at the end to return to nature, or to the bin if manmade materials have been used. Making a photographic record or sketch will be encouraged.
No experience necessary, suitable for adults, all welcome.
While I aim to explore some interesting and off the beaten track parts of our coastline I am also happy to tailor the location to meet the ability of the group. If you have mobility challenges please let me know and I will work out how to accommodate your needs.

The group size is limited to 10 and pre-booking via Trybooking is required. Due to the kinds of locations and concentration required by participants, these sessions won’t be suitable for young children, sorry. But it is a chance for busy people, parents included, to have some time out and connect to the creativity we all possess and the beauty of nature that we have around us.
19th October – Seven Mile beach Picnic area – Beach & Sandtrack
2nd November – Seven Mile Beach – Littoral Rainforest
16th November – Coast Walk North from Gerringong
23th November – Jerrara Dam (a gorgeous gem on the edge of Kiama with a range of environments)

to receive a discount on all 4 booked as a package click here

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