Outdoor Connections at the National Outdoor Education Conference

In April, Amanda is headed down to the National Outdoor Education Australia conference. She is presenting on our popular holiday activity programs; the who, what, where and why. The conference program looks great! Dr Bob Brown is a keynote speaker, as is Dr Mark Leather, from England, who will be presenting on the very topical area of Forest Schools – outdoor experiences similar to our holiday program.

Amanda and Penny are two of Australias’ very first Forest Schools UK trained instructors, (yes you read that right and somehow they both landed in Gerringong a town of 3000!). We are very proudly two of Australia’s leaders in the nature play field. Our holiday programs are all centred on connecting children to the local environment, building resilience in nature based play and the social connections between the group. To the children themselves, it is just simply a great day out! (Albeit a rather tiring day for some).

Amanda is very keen to present sound based evidence about our holiday programs, and as part of this would like to hear what our parent community think about our programs.


Your responses would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to pop over to the conference website you can find it here http://www.noec2018.com




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