Celebrating our 1st year of Outdoor Connections

As we gear up for our Summer Holiday sessions starting on Monday, Amanda and I reflect on our first fabulous year in business. We launched on the 16th of January 2017 and have fitted in lots of outdoor holiday fun since.

Of course with a year having passed, we are in the process of reviewing and reflecting. And Penny has been making a whole new set of hi-viz tags for the kids to wear. Other groups kit the kids out in mini hi-viz vests but we find these pretty hot and they aren’t a road crew after all…..  is it just “crazy OH&S” again?? This is something we do re-assess and reflect on. Safety and our policies are a fundamental part of our business development and we can only offer outdoor play, the very nature of it being, well, a little more risky at times, if the underpinning principles are well planned, all risks considered and mitigated. With the hi-viz kit, we can see at a glance on the beach or public reserves who is with us and where they are. Some kids love the “uniform” so much they have taken them home at the end of the day. The last set were made of recycled bedsheet and some fluro rip-stop nylon from a past venture into kite making. This new set will hopefully see us out for another full year.

We are yet to do a full interrogation of the booking system to count up how many children have come out with us for the day but we are confident it’s a good number. And we have been very encouraged by the repeat customers. Thank you!! We have some expert nature-players coming out with us now! So we have to thank each and every family who have given us a go and sent their children along for a session or even 10. You have also provided the best advertising there is, word of mouth. For this we are very grateful and we will be sending all families who have booked a session with us this year a discount code for future bookings so please watch out in for our email. Plus, those who have booked 10 or more sessions so far will receive a further discount.

Moving forward, we want to see our little business grow. We are so lucky our local area has so much to offer our children and we love getting out there with them. So if you have enjoyed coming along for the ride with us this year and have any thoughts about what we could do differently, better, other things we could offer that your kids will love please let us know. We would love to engage the older age group too as we are finding few over 10 years are joining us. Perhaps we need to target some sessions by making the age group 10-14? 12-15? If you have any insights let us know via this form:

As 2018 unfolds we are heading into a new sideline which is Professional Development for Primary school teachers. Amanda has worked extremely hard to get her courses on Outdoor Learning and curriculum, focussing on English, Maths, Geography and Nature art outside, as well as a course on how to maximise the potential of school grounds for outdoor learning, accredited with the Educational standards body NESA. So wish us luck with this. Any teachers amongst you can find more info here.

Thanks for reading this far, for all your support in our first year. We hope to see you in 2018.

Penny & Amanda – Outdoor Connections23032915_662913793912261_5248851243927107432_n




One thought on “Celebrating our 1st year of Outdoor Connections

  1. Rachelle Worth says:

    What an awesome year you have had… and very interesting with you review of the safety processes you use..

    Wishing you and amazi g year ahead.. Cheers Rachelle

    Rachelle Worth Mobile 0422 860 639


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