Christmas Nature craft

School has but a week to go and then Christmas is around the corner. Quiet moments are few and far between at this time of year but if you do have some time and inclination, here’s a really fail safe and easy Christmas craft idea. I tested it last week at the Women’s Outdoor Adventure expo and had enthusiastic responses.

Before you start you need to go foraging for natural items that will leave a good impression. Gum nuts and Casurina seed pods are good for stamping and rolling. Casurina needles make lovely linear patterns and Banksia leaves are great for zig-zaggy impressions. Firm leaves work best, some fern fronds can look lovely too.

Bicarb dough is easy to make, soft and pliable to use and bakes a lovely clear white.


  • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda
  • 3/4 cu cornflower
  • 1/2 cup warm water. Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl. In a saucepan, stir the dry into the water. Stir over a low heat until it comes together as a soft dough. Keeps in a ziplock bag  in the fridge for days.

Take a small handful of dough and roll out on a non-stick surface. Not too thin as you will roll further to make impressions. A bit thicker than you’d roll for biscuits. Then cover the piece with items that you want to make patterns with. Roll them into the dough. Stamp into the dough too – the ends of Casurina pods make gorgeous starry patterns, I’m sure you’ll make some great discoveries too.

Use biscuit cutters to cut out shapes and make a hole in the top somewhere with a bamboo skewer so you can thread string and hang them up later.

Line a tray with baking paper and transfer the ornaments to the tray. Bake in the oven at 100 degrees C for 1 hour. You can paint them once they have baked too. Decorate your home with lovely nature inspired decorations!

If you need some time to yourself in the first week of the holidays we are offering 2 days of nature play and crafts where we will be doing this activity. Wednesday 20th is a 3 hour morning session at Bonaira nature reserve in Kiama and Thursday 21st is a full day session at Seven Mile Beach. So if you don’t have time for Christmas craft,  Outdoor Connections are here to help!

Thanks for all the support in our first year of business. Amanda and I have had a great time and really appreciate how much our local community has got behind us. We look forward to more fun outside connecting kids to nature and memorable play experiences. Have a great Christmas everyone. See you in 2018!


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