Inspired by nature: Art lessons outside.

Nature arts connect children to place as they learn about materials, plants, colour and develop creativity. Why not step outside and find some inspiration? The playground offers a superb place for teachers to implement their art curriculum lessons. With a large variety of materials the children are provided with an abundance of sensory experiences in a calm authentic environment. The K-6 Creative Arts Syllabus offers a myriad of opportunities to take the class outside and in Early Years it is an extension to the wonderful activities happening inside. Clay, leaves, sticks – what better materials to learn about colour, balance and tone. Or perhaps try an artist study of an ephemeral artist as a case study: check out the work of Andy Goldsworthy or our very own Penny Sadubin.

Or ….

  • Try using nature as a stimulus for drawing or painting,
  • Find out more about your local Indigenous community and incorporate Aboriginal art in your learning program
  • Experiment making natural paintbrushes and paint colours

The possibilities are endless. If you need some guidance the Outdoor Connections team are here to help. We offer NESA registered PD for Creative Nature Arts. Delivered in your setting as a staff meeting, we can tailor the program to your needs and where you are wanting to up skill. An after school PD with no powerpoint, data or improvement plans? Time to get creative skills to teach your students. It is a win win all round.


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