Local opportunities for parents of teens

Outdoor Connections mainly works with Primary and pre-school age groups. This doesn’t mean we won’t eventually run programs for teens – we’d love to. Meanwhile it’s heartening to have two individuals locally who are very much engaging with teens and how to nurture them through this intense stage of life. Support of teens by family and carers is vital even if all the signs are that they don’t need you, don’t want you, they still very much do, as much as they always have. And in ways that are different and yet seem very similar to when they were toddlers but can be even more fervent and infuriating. Testing the boundaries, testing our very love!

Maggie Dent is giving one of her popular seminars this coming Thursday 9th November in Kiama. Adolescence Unplugged promises to “explore the shift in raising children to raising adolescents, and what works and what won’’t”. As a parent of a 12 year old I’m keen for this kind of advice, so I’ve booked my ticket. Maggie speaks all over the country, if you are not local I’m sure you will be able to find her speaking in her insightful, commonsense and loving way near you. Maggie has many resources on her website; videos, articles and has published a number of books too. www.maggiedent.com

Monty Badami is a local Anthropologist, musician, wedding celebrant and Army reservist! Monty’s experience in exploring human rituals is extensive. He specialises in rites of passage and has developed a new Father and son camp that also aims to address the transition into adulthood and how to support teens through this while building the strong, trusting strong relationship that is so crucial. Monty can offer help with costs if requested.

Here’s Monty’s invite:

Do you have a son between 14-17 years of age? Do you want to bring out the best in your boy and address the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening in yours and his life in a safe and structured way?

This November (24-26) I am running a Father and son camp to help teens and their parents deal with the transition into adulthood.

Download more info on the invite to camp

Here’s to fostering great relationships with our kids. However most of us do feel like we are finding our way as we go with this parenting game. Which is why it’s so excellent to have knowledgeable people in our communities willing to share tools and insights to help us do the best job we can.



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