Outdoor Learning NESA Registered Professional development.


Outdoor Connections Australia has recently been registered to offer Outdoor Learning Professional Development for Primary School and Early Childhood teachers. We are exceptionally proud to be able to deliver premium quality, high interest and incredibly needed courses to schools. Being given NESA accreditation means all our courses can be used to maintain the NSW Teacher Professional Standards.

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Why is the outdoors so important in schools?

The benefits of outdoor learning reach beyond the curriculum to develop aspects of; well-being, resilience, self-confidence, leadership, risk awareness and social skills. Outdoor learning also offers an antidote to “Cotton Wool Kids”, “Nature Deficit Disorder” and a “Screen Generation”. Outdoor learning professional development will open doors for teachers to think outside the classroom box, no walls required!

How practical is it to implement outdoor learning?

Outdoor Learning is an approach to curriculum planning that teachers can adopt as part of their current lesson programming, it is not something extra, rather an innovative way to teach. Outdoor Connections Australia can provide teachers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to take their classes into the playground for engaging lessons. Outdoor learning becomes a regular part of your weekly timetable.

Where does the outdoors fit into my program?

Outdoor learning was added to the Australian National Curriculum in 2015. In NSW schools outdoor learning is an important component of many areas of the curriculum. The potential for outdoor learning to enhance learning is across many mandatory areas. These include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures
  • Sustainability
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Personal and social capability
  • Civics and citizenship
  • Curriculum areas such as: Geography, English and Art

Why is our team ideal to deliver outdoor learning professional development? 

The Outdoor Connections team offers skills like no other! We are cross disciplinary and experts across: teaching, landscape design, research and art practice.

Our team is led by Dr Amanda Lloyd who is equipped with 17 years teaching experience, including time spent in leadership positions. Her impressive qualifications include a: Bachelor of Education (Primary), Graduate Certificate of Outdoor Education, Masters of Environment (Education for Sustainability) and Forest School Level 3 Instructors Training. Amanda’s PhD focused on Place-based Outdoor Learning in a Primary School setting, her results found that when children completed regular outdoor learning there were significant gains in; curriculum and engagement, wellbeing and connection to the wider community. Amanda is a highly regarded public speaker who has presented on outdoor learning at numerous national and international conferences. She has published in; teacher magazines, academic journals and in wider outdoor community publications. Amanda is a Planet Ark spokeswoman known for being a ground breaking educator in Australian outdoor learning.


Penny Sadubin leads the Creative nature arts and Educational playgrounds for outdoor learning courses. She has extensive practical experience and qualifications in: Forest Schools, Fine Arts and Landscape Design. Her distinctive skill set is especially important for schools wishing to develop their playgrounds as sites of learning.

My playground needs work. Can you help me?

Yes! Penny has the unique skill set across being an proficient nature play facilitator and experienced landscape designer. There is a Educational Playgrounds for Nature Play course to get you started.

Where do we deliver professional development?

The Outdoor Connections team come to you at your school or centre. Perfect for a staff development day or regular staff meeting.

We will be planning  weekend training courses in 2018 in regional NSW, a weekend away in an awesome location, some PD and meeting teachers to share ideas with. For more information contact us.

Tell me more about the courses.

Our courses are: Outdoor Learning: An Introduction for Primary Schools, Outdoor Learning:Geography fieldwork for Primary Schools, Outdoor Learning: Developing literacy through nature and story play, Outdoor learning:Creative nature arts and Outdoor learning:Educational playgrounds for outdoor learning.


Want more information?

Download the Outdoor Learning NESA Overview and Outdoor Learning NESA Registered Courses.

Contact amanda.lloyd@outdoorconennections.com.au for more information

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