Kidsfest and teaching teachers

This week sees Amanda and Penny heading off in different directions to work with other areas of our expertise.

Penny will be facilitating a Nature crafts session at Shellharbour Council’s free and wonderfully comprehensive Kidsfest – a week of events, play, taster sessions across Shellharbour. Penny will be at Blackbutt Forest getting arty with parents and pre-school kids from 10am on Thursday. The extremely full and fun program is available here:

Amanda will be in Sydney on Thursday rolling out some Nature Play for Outdoor Educators: an inspiring day of training outside with Outdoors NSW. If you;d love to pick Amanda’s brain about getting outside with your class here is your opportunity. There are a couple of spaces left if you can make it!

We are always interested to hear from other organisations and institutions that we can partner with. Whether it’s teacher and educator training, learning outdoors and curriculm input for schools, design for better outdoor play, advice on building a regular outdoors program for pre-schools, or delivering fun and creative sessions for kids in many settings we would love to work with you.



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